Anglican Rosaries

Anglican Rosary

Making and Using an Anglican Rosary

When:  Friday, 18 March 19h30

Where: Eglise Don Bosco

We will be gathering to make and learn how to use an Anglican Rosary.  Supplies will be provided for a nominal donation.  If you have a cross or other beads that you would like to add to your rosary, feel free to bring them!

“For centuries people of all faith traditions have used some form of prayer counter to count the number of prayers offered to God. It is commonly held that Hindu prayer beads pre-date Christianity by nine centuries.

Anglican Prayer Beads (Rosary) arose out of a contemplative prayer group lead by Rev. Lynn Bauman from the Episcopal church in the United States. Since its inception in the 1980’s it has grown in popularity among those seeking to enrich their prayer life.

As there is no set ‘formulae’ for the Anglican Rosary people can develop prayers for use with the Rosary that reflect their own spiritual journey. The Rosary then becomes simply a tool to aid in prayer life. It becomes a way to deepen one’s prayer life by encouraging not only the mind but the body to participate in prayer. The prayers keep the mind focused and the passing of beads through the fingers keeps the body engaged in prayer also.”

Resources and further information on the Anglican Rosary: